IdeaStation Update – June 2016

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The baby in this meme is Gabriel, actual son of Mike Prom, Fusion 360 Product Manager



Helping us help you


We say this a lot but it’s true: Fusion 360 would not be where it is today if it weren’t for you, the Fusion user. You are the pioneers of the new CAD/product development frontier. From day 1, we set out to build a tool that has it’s community of users as a core pillar of how it should evolve.  A huge source of what drives us to develop this piece of software is seeing the jaw-dropping projects you create with it. There is a constant buzz in the office about your projects we stumble upon in the forums, email exchanges, customer visits or phone calls. Fusion’s development is all about transparency, and its evolution can be attributed to all the feedback you’ve been giving us.


With Our Powers Combined


Many of you who have been participating in the IdeaStation for years (and a nod to Claas for winning an award at AU last year) have seen how effective and powerful the platform can be.  It gives you a place to articulate your idea for a feature enhancement or new feature, share it with the broader community, get their feedback, and hopefully, their support by votes!  The more community interest it has, the higher it ranks, and the more likely it is to be considered by the product team as something we should implement.  It’s important to note that while these ideas have a strong influence on the product roadmap (as evident in the What’s New for each update), it’s not the only source of input, and not all ideas are created equal in terms of investment required, resourcing, technical feasibility, or alignment with our strategic direction.  Also, don’t be surprised if your older ideas or ones with lower votes are cherry picked from time to time, we love to use these as a source of inspiration for projects that come up.


Okay, let’s be clear: the IdeaStation is not a black hole, and we have the data to prove it.  Over the last year, submissions to the IdeaStation have more than doubled, and voting activity is at an all time high. We get why some of you felt that way though, because despite our best effort to review every idea that hit 10 votes, we simply couldn’t keep up, and weren’t giving the highest rated ideas the attention they deserve, nor being open with you about which ones we were reviewing (that meme is how we felt, not that it’s a bad thing).   


IdeaStation process banner_no_button

Third Time’s the Charm


So yeah, we’ve heard your frustrations, and we are officially rolling out a new process, explained in detail here.  In short, the product team is meeting twice a week to review the highest voted ideas in Gathering Support, following-up on ideas that were previously Accepted, and ensuring all ideas have been officially captured in our backlog and appropriately ranked.  


Once a month we’ll also publish the ideas we reviewed and provide notes on the reasoning for the status change (for more details and discussion click through to the idea itself).  With each product update we release, we’ll also capture ideas that have been implemented in the What’s New and give credit where credit is due!


Now on to the good stuff… below is the report from our first month after following the new process.  On behalf of the entire Fusion 360 team, our sincere appreciation for all of the enthusiasm, creativity and passion you share!


Tip: click on the lightbulbs to see the original idea page.




lightbulb_accepted Conflicting Constraints

lightbulb_accepted Sketch Pallette

lightbulb_accepted Render Plywood

lightbulb_accepted Drawing Template

lightbulb_accepted Edit Referenced Models

lightbulb_accepted Selection Highlighting

lightbulb_accepted Edit Sketch Zoom

lightbulb_accepted CAM Default Settings




lightbulb_implemented Make Sketch Visible

lightbulb_implemented Measure Preselected

lightbulb_implemented Orbit around center of volume

lightbulb_implemented Tool Tip Dialog




lightbulb_future Sync Cache

This is something that we’d like to support, but it isn’t among our top priorities. Moving this to future consideration for now.

lightbulb_future XYZ Triad

There are two solutions that we are considering

1) Present an XYZ triad in conjunction with the viewcube.
2) Label/Color XYZ manipulators in the context of the Move command.

lightbulb_future Project Copy and Paste

We get this pain-point, and the current is a result of our software architecture. This is definitely something we are planning to solve in future releases and what we need to do internally to make it happen.

lightbulb_future 3D Sketch Enhancements

We have plans to add 3D constraints and dimensioning to 3D sketch capabilities. Our team is working on getting fully constrained out of preview and a few core sketch requirements before we can start on this.

lightbulb_future CV’s

We have a team on our solver side that is working on CV’s. Once they are done our sketch team will start work on implementing CV’s.

lightbulb_future Arc Tangent

The work has been prioritized in our sketch backlog, but is a ways out.

lightbulb_future Emboss Feature

I have a question for the people on this idea. There are two solutions we can explore: 1. Emboss, where your wrap an image around a face 2. Wrap to face, this is different in that you could wrap a sketch around and object, such as a cylinder multiple times.

lightbulb_future TAB

We definitely agree with the need a faster method to toggle between selection inputs, but the Tab key is currently used to toggle between input values in the canvas, and may not be the best answer. We’ll discuss solutions and follow up with a solution

lightbulb_future Grid

This one IS on our radar, but we have different opinions on a solution internally that we are working through.

lightbulb_future Metric Thread

We have several thread on hole suggestions at the top of our most voted list. This idea is being changed to future consideration, so that it can be evaluated during our plan to improve the hole and thread features later this year.

lightbulb_future Advanced Nesting

Nesting as mentioned in the comments, is technology we own “Trunest”. We are exploring how we can leverage the technology we have to complete the Fusion design to manufacturing workflow.

lightbulb_future PCB as Material

Roberto’s suggestion makes the most sense here. We are creating connections to ECAD so that actual 3D PCB boards will be brought in to Fusion.

lightbulb_future Timeline Pause / Stop Button

This is a great idea, and is captured in our backlog. That said, considering other priorities, we can’t presently commit to starting on this task. Marking this as Future Consideration for now.

lightbulb_future 4K Monitor

We have architectural upgrades that we are in the process of doing that this is dependent on. Our icons are images and changing screen resolution requires images for each options.

lightbulb_future Max Fillet

Later this year we’re exploring enhancements to Fillets and Chamfers; this will be included in those enhancement. In the meantime, Mike Aubry created a Max Fillet script that will help you find the maximum fillet value for an edge.

lightbulb_future Sketch Chamfer

Although it is a great idea, the amount of time it will be before we get to it is the reason why the idea is being changed to Future Consideration.

lightbulb_futureUninstall Tool

Quick update, we are investigating a couple of options and potentially improving the actual uninstall process so that it gives you an option to do a clean un-install right off the bat.

lightbulb_future CAM Errors and Warnings

When given the choice to make things “just work” or document why they don’t. we focus on making them work. If they can’t work and we know why, we would limit the selection so that a user does not end up in the situation.

lightbulb_future DWG Insert

This is not as simple as it may sound, the translator to do this locally is large. We are exploring our options to make the workflow seamless.

lightbulb_future Joint Position Parameters

While this is a good idea it will be awhile before we get to this. Because of this the idea is being changed to future consideration.

lightbulb_future Browser Folder Sorting

We have browser folders in our backlog and since it has more votes we will be building browser folders first and this is why the idea is being changed to future consideration.

lightbulb_future Belts, Pulley’s and Chains

Due to resources and other architectural dependencies it will be a while before we can work on this.

lightbulb_future Keep Sketch Open

We can’t make any commitments to time frame when this will get implemented or that it will be implemented exactly as you’ve proposed, but we will look for a solution that handles these types of scenarios more gracefully than we currently do.




lightbulb_archivedLocal translate vs Cloud translate

This will not be something that we can support all locally. We are going to continue to deliver some of these translation options via cloud/email workflows.


This is a very large project for the team and with our current roadmap it will be years before we explore our options. At this time, we will revisit your idea.

lightbulb_archivedSimultaneous symmetric sketch

This would be a really nice feature, however, we feel that improving the symmetry and patterning, as @roambotics_scott suggests, are more impactful areas to concentrate on at this time for our sketching environment.

lightbulb_archivedVersioning system

We understand what you are asking for in terms of Revisions but fundamentally Versions and Revisions are different.

lightbulb_archivedWire and cable harness

This is a very large project for the team and with our current roadmap it will be years before we explore our options. At this time, we will revisit your idea.


We archived this because machining a knurling is machined using a specific tool and modeling the knurl can manually be created

lightbulb_archivedShare Design

We are working on the ability to have permissions on projects, folders and files. Limiting access to users when people share files. The legal requests that you have in the idea are up to the customer to control and it would be very difficult to automatically regulate.

lightbulb_archivedFrame generator

This is a very large project for the team and with our current roadmap it will be years before we explore our options. At this time, we will revisit your idea.

lightbulb_archivedDegrees of Freedom

This is something that we find that many users traditionally drag what can be moved to see how it will move along with fully constrained feedback. Once fully constrained is out, we will evaluate if more feedback to users is needed.



That’s it for this month! What are your thoughts? Do you like to see more of these posts? Are they helpful? Let us know in the comment section below, and we’ll keep you posted on the next one!



Mike Prom and the Fusion 360 Team

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