8 Reasons to Use Fusion 360 Electronics Workspace

David Marrakchi David Marrakchi February 4, 2021

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Manage your design, not your tools. Enjoy the most unified and connected ECAD MCAD experience for your PCB with Fusion 360 Electronics.

fusion 360 electronics

The Fusion 360 Electronics Workspace unifies MCAD and ECAD workflows like never before. Whether you’re an electrical engineer looking for a cloud-based PCB design tool or an industrial designer looking to incorporate PCBs into your work, the Fusion 360 Electronics Workspace is a comprehensive and affordable end-to-end solution. In this article, we explore the eight main reasons you should try out Fusion 360 electronics.

Full-Featured, Unified PCB Tool

Fusion 360 is packed with a full suite of MCAD tools, manufacturing tools, modeling tools, simulation tools, and a full suite of electronics tools to bring any PCB design to life, no matter its complexity. Fusion 360 is built from the ground up as a single unified application. It includes editors for schematics capture, circuit simulation, PCB layout, library management, integrated and powerful ECAD MCAD capabilities, a true 3D PCB editor, and PCB drawings and manufacturing package data generator.

Most Comprehensive ECAD MCAD Unification

No electrical designer should have to second guess their design’s mechanical constraints with old methods like interchanging files or third-party integrations. Fusion 360 is founded on one common cloud-based platform, one common ECAD MCAD design environment, one common design management system, and one common design dataset with no file exchange, export, or third-party integration ever needed.

True 3D PCB Design

Fusion 360 Electronics unifies a single platform that enables electrical engineers to work with designs from a true 3D realm. With Fusion 360 3D PCB editor, designers can make changes such as moving a 3D component or changing the board shape and propagating the PCB layout and the mechanical design. The commonly shared design dataset enables advanced analysis and simulation of the actual 3D PCB properties, such as copper, core material, and design verification and validation components.

Collaboration with Fusion 360 Electronics

When you’re designing a product, you have to deal with the difficulties of meeting design requirements and ensuring every stakeholder—whether it be other designers on your team or your external manufacturer—is kept up to date with the information they need. Fusion 360 makes collaboration an integral part of the design process, ensuring every stakeholder is part of the product development cycle, even if they have no underlying CAD knowledge.

Low Entry Cost with No Compromise

We believe that professional design software should be available to everyone, so we’ve made Fusion 360 accessible to teams of all sizes at an affordable price point. For a low cost, you can subscribe to Fusion 360 and access a full suite of electronic tools in addition to a full set of MCAD tools, CAM tools, fully integrated design, simulation, documentation, and more. For less than the cost of a coffee per day, every designer in your department can leverage the power of Fusion 360 Electronics to make anything.

Seamless Product Updates

Fusion 360 updates seamlessly and often, making it incrementally better over time. Updates integrate new features and workflows into the interface without significant changes, preventing significant disruptions to your process. The updates are pushed live to your computer in about the same amount of data as an email. There’s no need to enter a product key or insert a dongle to access the latest and greatest functionality.

Active and Passionate Community

There is an active user community full of passionate users of all levels to help. Forums are also frequented by Autodesk staff, including product managers and developers, so we help answer your questions while staying in touch with your feature requests and bug reports. There are dedicated forums for electronics, so you know where to post to get the expertise you need.

Self-Paced Training Content

Our vision is to make professional design and electronics tools accessible to people across the entire industry. One important piece of that vision is accessible training. So, we created purpose-built content to help professionals get up and running in the Fusion 360 Electronics Workspace.

What are you waiting for? Add a PCB to your next design with Fusion 360 Electronics.

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