2015 in Review

by Aaron.Magnin 5 years ago 1 min read

In 2015, Fusion 360 saw 7 major updates which brought countless features, options, abilities, and even a new workspace! Trying to list every update in the last year would be futile, so instead, let’s harness the power of infographics to round out some of our favorites:



2015 Fusion Enhancements
Infographics –so hot these days! 


If you’re unfamiliar with what some of these mean, there are a handful of videos that speak to how to use these options, and we put together a recap video (with bonus sneak peek) that can be found below:  



That said, we know our work is never done and we’re already hard at work to top what we accomplished in 2015. I have a sneaking suspicion that we’ll have another update before February. To do this, we’ll need your help! Join in with other Fusion 360 users and keep those innovative ideas pouring into the IdeaStation


We hope everyone had a great 2015, and that 2016 is off to a wonderful start. 




Aaron, Bryce, and the rest of the Fusion 360 team

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