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Our partners provide products and services that are integrated with our simulation portfolio to extend the abilities of our offerings and to give our community of users added benefits.


  • AIM

    American Injection Molding Institute

    The American Injection Molding (AIM) Institute provides a new type of educational experience to help advance the injection moulding industry by providing high-level educational and training programmes founded in science, engineering and technology.

    North America

  • Beaumont

    Beaumont Technologies Inc

    Beaumont is an Expert Certified Autodesk® Moldflow® Consultant and Trainer, inventor of MeltFlipper® and Therma-flo™ material characterisation. A well-known resource and consultant to the injection moulding industry for all your problem-solving needs.


  • CAE Services Corporation

    CAE Services Corporation

    CAE Services Corporation solves complex part design and warpage related issues before "cutting steel". CAE staff can evaluate all aspects of the part design and moulding process, from gate size/location, to reducing cycle times and identifying warpage issues.

    North America

  • Global eTraining

    Global eTraining

    Global eTraining (GeT) is an award-winning provider of interactive online training solutions with over 25 years of experience in developing and delivering exceptional computer-based learning.


  • MDF Consultation Service Co., Ltd.

    MDF Consultation Service Co., Ltd.

    MDF provides a complete set of CAD / CAE / CAM solutions from product design, mould design, CAE simulation analysis of mould manufacturing and product data management systems. MDF also provides consulting services, systems training and professional implementation.


  • Proto Labs

    Proto Labs

    Proto Labs is the world's fastest provider of prototypes and low-volume production parts. It uses 3D printing, CNC machining and injection moulding to manufacture parts in just one day.



  • Rescale


    Rescale provides a cloud HPC platform that provides native integration with over 180 different simulation and deep learning software applications. Rescale's global HPC network enables customers to access a broad range of hardware as it becomes available, as well as to effectively deploy a multi-cloud strategy.