The Map 3D toolset is included with AutoCAD 2025

Our model-based GIS mapping software provides access to CAD and GIS data to support planning, design and management. With the Map 3D toolset, you can:

  • Directly access spatial data using Feature Data Objects (FDO) technology

  • Directly edit geospatial data

  • Manage infrastructure systems with Enterprise Industry Models

CAD using the Map 3D toolset

Map 3D toolset features

Seamless CAD and GIS data aggregation

Use Feature Data Objects (FDO) technology

Work with spatial data from a variety of CAD and GIS data formats and coordinate systems.

Connect to ArcGIS

Streamline the flow of data between ArcGIS and Map 3D and keep features information up to date.

Convert data between DWG and GIS data

Perform high-fidelity data conversions using MapImport and MapExport.

Precision drafting and data editing

Edit geospatial data directly

Edit data against GIS data sources, such as ESRI SHP, MapInfo and Oracle with standard AutoCAD commands.

Apply coordinate geometry

Use coordinate geometry (COGO) input commands to enter accurate geometry when creating objects.

Run drawing clean-up actions

Use drawing clean-up to automate time-consuming corrections for common drafting and digitising errors.

Efficient infrastructure asset design and management

Use enterprise industry modules

Use intelligent application modules to efficiently manage a wide variety of infrastructure systems.

Convert data to intelligent industry models

Create and manage intelligent industry models by converting GIS data.

Powerful map creation, analysis, and visualisation

Apply styling and theming

Easily update styling using the style editor and use themes to display data to indicate different values.

Build topologies

Create topologies to perform useful calculations, such as identifying customers downstream from a faulty pump.

Analyse data with tools

Use robust functionalities, including buffers, overlay and spatial queries, to analyse data.

Aerial view of site development

Benefits of the Map 3D toolset

In this study, the Map 3D toolset boosted productivity by up to 60%,* bringing significant time savings to common mapping design tasks in AutoCAD.


Productivity data based on a series of studies commissioned by Autodesk to an outside consultant. The seven toolset studies compared basic AutoCAD to the specialised toolsets within AutoCAD when performing tasks commonly done by experienced AutoCAD users. As with all performance tests, results may vary based on the machine, operating system, filters and even source material. While every effort has been made to make the tests as fair and objective as possible, your results may differ. Product information and specifications are subject to change without notice. Autodesk provides this information “as is”, without warranty of any kind, either express or implied.