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And, we've got inspirational classroom projects and support.


Challenge your students to build one of our projects and submit to our gallery for a chance to be featured on Autodesk Education social channels.

Moon Lander

Design a Moon Lander

Embark on an interstellar journey: Students can create and personalize a Moon Lander for a flawless classroom landing.

Design a drone for 3D Printing

Let imagination soar: Set a 3D printable micro drone project and ignite your students' passion for flight on their first day back.


CAM for Axis 2.5 Milling

Elevate your students' skills: Teach CAM for 2.5 Axis Milling, prepare for Autodesk Certification, and get them job ready.


Our on-demand courses let you learn, practice, test, and teach skills at your own pace.

Learn Autodesk Fusion in 90 minutes

Kickstart your CAD knowledge by learning core workflows.


Intro to 3D modeling

Teach 2D and 3D workflows to conquer new design challenges with Autodesk Fusion.

Autodesk Fusion: Intro to CAD/CAM

Show your students the synergy between design and manufacturing.

Meet Nisha, an Autodesk certified instructor

Meet Nisha,
an Autodesk Certified Instructor

I’ve always been passionate about design and engineering, and I was drawn to teaching to help others develop these skills. After working several years in industry, I switched to a career in education, and became interested in learning and teaching various Autodesk software.

As an ACI, I have the privilege of traveling to schools across the region, sharing my knowledge of Autodesk Fusion and other Autodesk software with educators and students. Through one-on-one and group training, we see teachers gain confidence, leading to improved student outcomes.

— Nisha Singh, Team Twintech, Twintech Engg & Design Tech. Pvt. Ltd

Get support from an Autodesk Certified Instructor

Connect with an Autodesk Certified Instructor – at no cost to you – to quickly learn Autodesk Fusion software for your classroom. Our credentialed professionals are recognized for their exceptional instructional skills and product mastery that meets industry standards. Get high-quality, ready-to-use Autodesk Fusion learning pathways and projects that make it easier to teach CAD/CAM/CAE and engineering concepts in new and innovative ways.

This offer is available to secondary educators in the US and UK and post-secondary educators in the US, UK, IN, DE and JP who are teaching engineering, manufacturing or machining.  Requests are subject to availability, and determined by Autodesk.  Offer is fulfilled by an applicable Autodesk Learning Partner. 

Autodesk Fusion tips and techniques

Get your classroom up and running fast. Make the most of Autodesk Fusion with these handy tips and shortcuts to help your students’ creativity soar to new heights.