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Subscription to Subscription Switches

(applicable to both Single-User and Multi-User Subscription, as available)

Capitalized terms that are not defined in this document are defined in the Autodesk Terms of Use.


“Switched Subscription” means a subscription for single- or multi-user to Software that is a substitute and replacement for an existing subscription to Software, is provided to You, the party who has acquired this subscription for Software, for which Autodesk generally charges a separate fee or makes available solely to customers under a Relationship Program. Whether a Subscription for Autodesk Software is a Switched Subscription may be specified on Your order confirmation or license identification. Whether a subscription to particular Software is a Switched Subscription, and whether You have met the qualifications to purchase a particular Switched Subscription, are determined by Autodesk.

Effect of Switched Subscriptions.

If Autodesk or a reseller provides You with a Switched Subscription, then 30 calendar days following commencement of the Switched Subscription the Benefits of the subscription being replaced will thereafter be referred to as the “Original Subscription Benefits” Except as set forth in the Benefits terms and conditions for Home Use and Previous Version Rights all rights granted with respect to any Original Subscription Benefits will terminate 30 calendar days following commencement of Your Switched Subscription. After such termination, except as noted with respect to Home Use and Previous Version Rights, (a) You must immediately cease all use of any Original Subscription Benefits, and (b) You will no longer have the right to access or otherwise use any such Original Subscription Benefits. At Autodesk’s request, You agree to uninstall and destroy or return to Autodesk or the reseller from which they were acquired all copies of the Original Subscription Benefits and, on request, show satisfactory proof that all copies of any Original Subscription Benefits have been uninstalled and destroyed or returned to Autodesk or the reseller from which they were acquired.

Commencement Date.

For the purposes of these terms, the commencement date of a Switched Subscription will be the date as determined by Autodesk in accordance with its policies for entering Your Switched Subscription into the Autodesk systems.