Key features of ShotGrid

Trusted by creatives worldwide, ShotGrid™ is a central hub that unifies the production management and creative process–enabling studios to work more efficiently.

Project overview in ShotGrid software with deadlines and status updates

Real-time project tracking

See every step of your production so you can track shots and assets as they move through the pipeline in real time

Resource planning views

Identify overloaded or underutilized artists across the studio, and easily rebalance work to optimize performance

Production insights

Visualize key production data with the graph widget and time series, status history, and burndown charts

In-context review

Make well-informed reviews with access to the production’s previous notes, versions, statuses, and more

Anywhere media playback

Provide feedback from anywhere with high-quality and color-accurate web, desktop, and mobile playback.

Editorial integration

Review the final product, and instantly pull up any cut to help inform your creative decisions

Plug-and-play integrations

Design a custom pipeline with integrated content creation tools, including Maya, 3ds Max, and Unreal Engine

Work directly in creative apps

Access ShotGrid’s production management, review, and approval tools within your creative applications

Isolation feature set

Have full control of media isolation, expanded media replication, seclusion for web and media traffic control, and more

ShotGrid features

Production management


Resource planning views

Quickly identify where artists are overloaded or underutilized across the studio, and easily rebalance work to optimize team performance.

Real-time project tracking

Use ShotGrid’s cloud-based pipeline tools to track, review, approve, and manage data associated with a production.

Scheduling and resource planning

Allocate your crew’s time to projects and milestones, and always know who’s working on what and when tasks are scheduled.

Production insights

Visualize key production data, track project progress, and make business-critical decisions quickly.

Collaborate and review

In-context review

Bring the rich history of production information, with previous notes, versions, and statuses to inform your creative decisions during review.

Anywhere media playback

View media and provide feedback from anywhere with high-quality web and mobile playback, and full resolution, color-accurate reviews on desktop.

Editorial integration

Review in the context of the final product by browser or natively on the desktop with Screening Room for RV. Instantly pull up any cut to help inform your creative decisions.

View high-res media

View high-resolution and color-accurate media in RV. Browse media, compare, annotate, and give feedback in a cloud-connected desktop experience.

Organized media reviews

Search, browse, and view media across all projects from one place. Create playlists and take effective notes during a review.

Easy review for clients

Clients can review, annotate, and add comments on a simple, protected website from anywhere in the world.

Pipeline and integrations

Plug-and-play integrations

Work directly in integrated design creation tools such as Maya, 3ds Max, or Unreal engine, while accessing ShotGrid's production management and review tools.

Work directly in creative apps

Use Shotgrid’s powerful integrations to bring tasks, notes, and files into your creative teams’ favorite design, modeling, and visualization tools.

File tracking and sharing

Easily track, share, and publish files in ShotGrid from any content creation tool.

Customizable APIs

Build custom tools and integrations with the Pipeline Toolkit, Python API, and REST API.

ShotGrid Desktop

Get an overview of your ShotGrid projects, easily launch your creative applications, and set up integration tools from your desktop.

Automated file management

Quickly find and load files published to ShotGrid, and access each project’s associated versions.


Isolation feature set

Operate from the cloud while meeting the security and performance requirements of your suppliers, including full control of media isolation, expanded media replication, seclusion for web and media traffic control, and improved IP management.

Third-party audits

Independent Security Evaluators (ISE) performs quarterly audits of the ShotGrid web application, and infrastructure.

Enhanced security features

Use single sign-on (SSO), two-factor authentication, and IP allow listing to help bolster the security of your studio.