Autodesk Water Infrastructure products now available to students and educators around the globe – for free

Autodesk Autodesk July 2, 2024

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Our desktop water products – InfoDrainage, InfoWorks ICM, InfoWater Pro*, InfoWorks WS Pro – are now available through the Autodesk Education Community, offering free educational use for educators and students.

Our water infrastructure teams have been hard at work over the years delivering powerful modeling and simulation tools to the industry, and now, these same powerful tools are being made available through Autodesk’s Education Community.

What’s changing and how to get access

As of July 2nd, 2024 our desktop hydraulic modeling solutions for drainage design, hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, and water distribution have been made available to eligible students and educators through the Autodesk Education Community.

To access these tools, select the subscription you’d like. If you’re new to Autodesk, you will be prompted to create an Autodesk account and confirm your eligibility for the Education plan. The Education plan gives eligible students and educators free one-year access to Autodesk software and services for educational purposes. You can access all software available through the Education Community, and access is renewable annually as long as you are eligible.

Can I utilize Autodesk software for courses and projects?

Yes! Because this access extends to educators and students, this enables you to leverage the software throughout your curriculum, research, or class projects. You may not use the software for commercial purposes, which you can read more about on the education plan page.

Is there curriculum or training material available?

Yes. Autodesk has a number of training courses available at no cost for our desktop hydraulic modeling products on our Customer Success Hub. These courses walk new and experienced users through the software with text and visuals, enabling educators and students quick and structured learning tools. Our team of solutions engineers also regularly publishes learning materials and tutorials on our YouTube channel. Our teams additionally curate Technical Information Hubs for users.

Why are you making software available for free?

At Autodesk, we care about advancing the industries we work in and enabling educators access to the latest and greatest tools. We’re making our hydraulic modeling tools available through education licensing to enable students to gain hands-on experience with these in-industry professional tools so they can develop valuable capabilities to enhance their career and job prospects.

Additionally, learning these tools while still in an educational institution can help support and address the present industry skills gap for hydraulic modeling. Additionally, we want to support the integration of Autodesk Water Infrastructure solutions into technical curricula worldwide so educators can incorporate real-world challenges into their coursework.

Where can I learn more about the water software available to educators?

You can learn more about our water products on our water infrastructure solutions overview page, which will give you an overview of Autodesk’s approach to our industry and the solutions we offer. It’s important to note that our cloud-based products, Info360, are not currently included in the educational licensing program.

How do I get educational access to water products?

You can get educational access to InfoDrainage, InfoWorks ICM, InfoWorks WS Pro, and InfoWater Pro* through the Autodesk Education Community. After verification of your educational eligibility, you’ll be provided education access to any of these products for educational use.

How can I stay updated on your water products?

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*Note: InfoWater Pro was designed for use with Esri’s ArcGIS pro and its installation is required to use InfoWater Pro. You can learn more about Esri’s education program on their website. While Autodesk provides free education access to InfoWater Pro, ArcGIS Pro may charge for education usage.

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