InfoDrainage Standard vs Ultimate: What’s the difference?

Harry O'Neill September 6, 2023

2 min read

Autodesk’s InfoDrainage is a drainage design and analysis solution that designers, developers, landscape architects, engineers, consultants and approval authorities rely on to:

Water professionals who are completely new to InfoDrainage sometimes ask us which version they need to get started. We’ve put together this simple guide to explain the differences.

Choosing between InfoDrainage Standard vs. Ultimate doesn’t have to be a difficult decision, though. We offer a 30-day free trial – with no credit card necessary.

What is included with the Standard and Ultimate versions?

We’ve created a simple matrix that breaks down what is included with each version, along with some FAQs that might help you decide.

Which version of InfoDrainage is included with the free trial?

We’ve included all of the features from InfoDrainage Ultimate in the free trial so you can try out as many features as possible.

What version of InfoDrainage is included with the InfoCare to Subscriptions (I2S) program? 

If you want to take advantage of I2S, you will receive the full InfoDrainage Ultimate version.

What is the cost of each version? Can I use Flex tokens? 

Pricing for InfoDrainage is publicly available on our site, and we recently added the ability for you to utilise Flex tokens.

Do you have a course to help me get started?

We’ve put together an InfoDrainage learning series to help you get acquainted with the software. Be sure to download the sample resource files if you want to follow along with every step.

I currently use Microdrainage. Should I switch?

If you’re a long-time user of MicroDrainage who is considering upgrading to InfoDrainage, you may want to compare these two apps directly. We think these 10 things you can do in InfoDrainage that you can’t do in MicroDrainage will convince you to level up to InfoDrainage.

Ready to make the switch from Microdrainage to InfoDrainage? We have a video just for you. 👇

I use Civil 3D a lot. What’s my best option?

If you’re a dedicated Civil 3D user, then the answer may be easy. The Ultimate version has expanded Civil 3D support.

If you’re also an Autodesk SSA user, you should definitely check out our article 10 things you can do in InfoDrainage above and beyond SSA in Civil 3D.

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