New in Info360 Asset: ArcGIS Online integration, risk scenario publishing, and a decision tree upgrade

Mike Maylone Mike Maylone February 27, 2023

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Info360 Asset, our asset management software-as-a-service product, continues to offer customers new functionalities that enhance their software experience.  

In this update, you can connect Info360 applications, including Info360 Asset, directly to ArcGIS Online through a built-in integration. This allows ArcGIS customers to get started quickly, as geospatial data is a key component to the analysis and visualization tools Info360 applications offer. Additionally, we’ve made it easier to collaborate with other stakeholders through the ability to publish specific risk results to viewer users in the app. Our rehab planning module has also been improved, allowing users to query pipes for specific PACP defect codes and grades.  

Connecting to ArcGIS Online 

You can now bring in assets and supplemental geospatial layers from your layers located in ArcGIS Online. Admin users can quickly set up integration by securely providing their ArcGIS user credentials in the Info360 applications. 

This connection allows you to use your GIS data within Info360 Asset, without the need to export from your GIS or duplicate data. Once the connection is established, Info360 Asset users can search for their hosted layers, connect to them, view them within the map, and use them in risk or rehabilitation analyses. 

How to set up ArcGIS Online integration in Info360 Asset.

We plan to reverse this connection process in an upcoming update by adding the ability to publish content from Info360 applications to ArcGIS Online. Also of note, this integration works for all Info360 products, and we will continue to add support for new products that come on the cloud platform over time.   

Controlling risk scenarios access 

You have been able to create risk scenarios in Info360 Asset since the last update. You can now select which of the scenarios you have developed will be published and made available to other users for viewing on the thematic map and from asset detail pages, and be made available for use in rehabilitation planning. 

The new capability enables you to assess as many risk scenarios as you would like, as simple or complex as you want to make them, but only choose to publish your optimum solutions for visualization and analysis purposes, while all other developed risk scenarios remain available to you. We’ll continue to add more publishing capabilities, including the ability to publish rehab results.   

You can publish as many risk scenarios as you need.

Build better decision tree queries

You can now build decision tree queries that filter defects based on codes and grades, so your rehabilitation actions are aligned with the type of defects you are targeting, enhancing the refinement of your planned rehabilitation activities. 

You can also improve prescribed rehabilitation decisions by building queries based on custom tables you have imported and associated with your assets (eg, work history, rehab costs). 

It’s all on the roadmap 

This update comes after our recent release that added water distribution assets for visualization and new risk scenarios to Info360 Asset. You can read all the granular details about this new release in our product release notes, and you can dig into our high-level roadmap to see our strategic vision, which we update regularly. 

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