InfoWorks ICM Basics video tutorial series

Eric Suesz Eric Suesz January 20, 2023

2 min read

This tutorial series provides a fast way of getting to know InfoWorks ICM and learning how to use its basic features. It uses a simple example to guide you through the main aspects of the software, showing you how to:

It also demonstrates the options that are available for investigating the data held in your network and the various methods for selecting network objects. A number of the GeoPlan facilities are also described and illustrated. This tutorial also shows you how to add new objects to a network, fill in gaps in the data, simplify a network and compare one network with another, transfer data between networks, and export part of a network in standard file formats.

We have a transportable database you can install to follow along with the tutorial. Download it for the first video, which shows you how to install it.

How to get the most out of this tutorial

Help site: Opening the example database.
Help site: Importing data via ODIC
Help site: Importing from CSV
Help site: Moving around in the GeoPlan tool
Help site: Creating selection lists
Help site: Creating selections with SQL
Help site: Tracing the connectivity
Help site: Working with grids and property sheets
Help site: Working with background layers
Help site: Working with themes
Help site: Adding nodes and links
Help site: Creating poylgons
Help site: Creating sub-catchments
Help site: Editing network objects
Help site: Pruning the network
Help site: Merging similar links
Help site: Comparing networks
Help site: Copying data between networks
Help site: Inferring missing data
Help site: Applying engineering validation
Help site: Importing event data
Help site: Validating the network
Help site: Committing changes to the network
Help site: Running simulations
Help site: Viewing text results
Help site: Viewing results in GeoPlan
Help site: Viewing results in Long Section view
Help site: Viewing results in other views
Help site: Exporting network data
Help site: Controlling a pump
Help site: Switching off a pump
Help site: Editing an RTC scenario

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