Water innovations make waves at Autodesk University 2022

Meg Riley Meg Riley November 14, 2022

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This year, Autodesk University was packed with great discussions on the latest developments in and advancements made to technology built for the water industry. We’ve collected the best of these talks from AU, which you can watch at your leisure. These presentations and classes include helpful documents you can download to follow along or take with you.

Digital twins for health and safety

The canals of Glasgow helped make the city a thriving hub for industry in Europe. But they fell into disrepair in the 20th Century, leading to flooding and health risks. Catherine Topley, CEO of Scottish Canals, gave an inspiring speech at AU about how they turned that all around.

CEO of Scottish Canals Catherine Topley gave an inspiring presentation about community rejuvenation.

In Technology & Transforming Lives, Topley speaks about how Scottish Canals utilized modern digital twin technology to integrate real-time data from sensors with forecasted weather data to predict flooding and adjust water levels. Health outcomes for residents who live along the canals have begun to improve, with mortality rates down by 3% annually and the risk of chronic health diseases down by nearly 15%. 

The number of improvements Scottish Canals made in this decade long project is impressive, and the story goes even deeper. Watch the BBC Storyworks film Building Europe’s First Smart Canal to hear from the people who helped make it happen and read our case study about the project.

Take a beautiful paddleboarding tour around the canals.

The digital twin realized

Our Info360 cloud solutions enable water and wastewater utilities to understand operational performance, as well as improve condition assessment, risk management, and planning.

Watch Mike’s excellent presentation about all of the exciting things happening in the cloud.

For AU, Mike Pennell demonstrated what you can do with these innovative solutions. Pennell’s talk will help you understand: 

Watch Info360 Operational Digital Twin for Water and learn how the Info360 cloud-based solutions create a digital twin. 

Fighting water service disruptions

Water service disruptions can be painful, but they are a typical challenge for utilities. This is a challenge the city of Livonia is all too familiar with. With its aging system, this southeast Michigan city experienced severe water system failures.

During AU, Susan Knepper of OHM Advisors discussed how she explored and planned for potential water service disruption scenarios using hydraulic modeling through InfoWater Pro and ArcGIS Dashboards. See how, by joining InfoWater Pro and Info360 solutions, a utility can overcome common water service disruption challenges. 

Susan Knepper dove deep into a pipe break. Great learnings in here for other utilities.

Learn how they did it in An Innovative Approach to Emergency Response Planning with Innovyze. Or, catch the Water Talk we hosted on the same subject matter prior to AU.  

Cloud technology to help water professionals make tomorrow’s decisions 

What can you achieve with digital twin technology built for the water industry? Patrick Bonk, Michael Pennell, Nathan Gerdts, and Brian Deeley shared state-of-the-art cloud solutions that work together as a digital twin. Together, these solutions simulate predictive “what-if” scenarios that support responses to planned and emerging incidents with real-time AI recommendations, informing the optimization of networks and plants. Discover how to reduce chemical costs, but still maintain compliance per your state’s regulations.

It’s not just about mirroring the real world digitally with a model. It goes much deeper.

Catch the full presentation Digital Twins with Info360 for Past, Present, and Future State of Networks.  

Key takeaways from this discussion: 

Brazil overcomes its dam water challenges using innovative tools 

A small town that lies within the countryside of Brazil had one of its few tourist attractions impaired due to the rupture of the dam in Ayrton Senna Park, which generated significant social and environmental impact.

You’ll find incredibly useful details about using intraoperability to solve a complex problem in this presentation.

Ryan Brown, Newton Caxeta, Matheus Lima, Raírio dos Santos Mota, and Fernando Lobo Schettini Figueiredo shared how this small town overcame great dam challenges using innovative tools: Recap, Civil 3D, Revit, Docs, Navisworks, Unity, InfoDrainage and InfoWorks ICM.

Hear the full story in Big Innovyze for Small Town in Brazil

Prevent flooding at its worst with InfoWorks ICM and Civil3D

As the population grows and climate change worsens, extreme weather events will continue to stress local and regional civil infrastructure. One way our customers are tackling the issue is by using InfoWorks ICM with Civil3D together. This allows engineers to evaluate multiple scenarios in response to extreme rainfall events and possible flood damages across the wide range of flood scenarios.

Roundtripping between Civil 3D and InfoWorks ICM is becoming increasingly popular.

Are you a Civil3D enthusiast? Our own Matt Anderson shows you how the app can be extended in InfoWorks ICM and Civil3D: A Flood Modeler’s Guide to Project Impacts.

Will we see you at AU in 2023?

There’s more. Peruse the Autodesk University site for more digital presentations, and follow AU on Twitter for updates on future events. 

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