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An Innovative Approach to Emergency Response Planning with Innovyze

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    Service disruptions are inevitable regardless of your water source and often result in chaos for operators, administrators, and residents. Even as communities move toward more proactive water system management, unanticipated disruptions will always occur. Utilities should be as prepared as possible to respond quickly and effectively. This presentation will explore the innovative ways the City of Livonia, located outside Detroit in southeast Michigan, is planning for and exploring potential water service disruption scenarios with hydraulic modeling through InfoWater Pro and ArcGIS Dashboards. With aging assets the City has experienced more severe water system failures. Susan Knepper (OHM Advisors) will share the tools and practices she utilized to help the City plan for their water service disruptions and the creative way she documented the City’s disruption protocols. Tim Medearis (Autodesk) will briefly share how Info360 makes this workflow even easier in the future.

    Key Learnings

    • Identify what tools are available to plan for water service disruptions
    • Implement effective communication strategies targeted towards impacted residents
    • Apply strategies to reduce the disruption caused by potential water shortages
    • Create emergency plans with hydraulic models