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Digital Twins with Info360 for Past, Present and Future State of Networks

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    The past, the present and future conditions at the level of the asset can now be applied with operational digital twins to solve key problems and meet objectives for water networks and plants. With Autodesk's Info360 platform, trust in these systems has reached a point where simulated predictive "What-if" scenarios actively support responses to planned and emerging incidents with real-time AI recommendations informing the optimization of networks and plants. The technological focus of this industry talk will be on operational digital twin use cases. With a goal to reduce water loss to 10% by 2030, Water Corporation of Western Australia utilizes data driven models to understand pressure and flow management with live physics based models for pressure optimization. North American utility's water treatment plant optimizes chemical costs while maintaining compliance with predictive AI achieving a 13% savings ($170K USD) in ferric costs while meeting turbidity discharge compliance limits.

    Key Learnings

    • Evaluate the ROI of operational digital twins for water industry
    • Collaborate with operational analytics and AI for problem solving
    • Understand your journey to adoption of water digital twins
    • Integrate your multiple data models for use across your organization