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The ‘i’ in Infrastructure: Using Civil 3D & Navisworks for Asset Information Exchange

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    Adding asset information to Infrastructure BIM projects. While the delivery of asset information on Building projects is becoming well understood the same is not always true for Infrastructure projects. This class will look to change that. Using real clients requirements for common infrastructure assets the class will demonstrate how property datasets can be structured for asset information delivery. The class will show how standards can be managed at a company level so that all project deliver consistently structured data and how the property data of common several Civil 3D objects can be extended to allow client specific attributes to be added to designs as they progress.<br /><br />The class will then show how this data can be passed downstream to Autodesk Navisworks and how the Navisworks COBie Extension can be configured to deliver asset information either in COBie format as well as showing how the tool can be used to deliver based on bespoke client requirements.

    Key Learnings

    • Add rich data to an infrastructure model
    • Configure the Navisworks COBie Extension based on client asset information requirements
    • Set-up and manage property dataset definitions
    • Use several new product features in AutoCAD Civil 3D 2017