Lecture; Case Studies; Process/Workflow    AB4786
The e-SPECS® BIM Process
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In this class, we will focus on the connection between the BIM model and project specifications. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then your specifications are a picture of your construction documents. Yet these two document types are typically done separately and without any automated coordination, requiring users to manually assure that the objects represented in the model actually are correctly represented in the specifications. We will go through the process of setting up the coordination environment, as well as the scenario of coordination with those outside your office environment who may be off your company network. We will review the process of automating and controlling the flow of information and review case studies of successful projects and clients that are utilizing these methods.

Key Learnings

  • Evaluate what level of automation and content generation is necessary for individual project types
  • Coordinate and integrate BIM models with their specifications
  • Describe how others in the AEC industry are successfully integrating their specification processes into their BIM workflow
  • Identify what is involved with standardization and setup



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