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Working with Architects: A Gap Analysis

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    The architecture field depends a lot on creativity—making a building out of initially tiny ideas. For this we have architects. While the tools of architecture have changed a lot over the years, architects surprisingly seldom have. Will they survive the digital transformation if just the mention of artificial intelligence elicits frowns? Implementing software in a field where almost no one is interested in it is like educating people about driving when they hate cars. To make this easier, not only for them and for us, but also for the technology providers, we want to talk about why they dislike the technology so much, and how to work around that. We believe that the way to both better software and better houses comes from better relations—and this class will be a crash course in how to achieve those relations.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to communicate more effectively between different professions
    • Discover the difficulties in applying software to a nontech field
    • Learn how to ease the digital transformation for different kinds of groups
    • Understand the different needs of different disciplines working in the architectural field