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Woodworking Fabrication: Tools and Workflows That Get the Job Done— A Day in the Life

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    This class provides not only the techniques but also the actual working methods and workflows that are used by the top performers in the woodworking and fabrication industry. When software and processes work together properly, they can perform the tedious steps in a fraction of the time. This class will focus on 2 main areas in the average workday of a designer engineer. The first area is design for approval. The second area is design for manufacturing. We will concentrate on the how-to and look at actual workflows that are not out of the box. Learn about unique construction procedures that use the latest versions of AutoCAD software, Revit software, Inventor software, and computer-aided manufacturing tools. Through demonstration and lecture the class will present methods for the wood trades that will cut down to hours tasks that usually take days for architects, designers, engineers, fabricators, and model makers to complete.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to identify and adopt the necessary workflows for designing and fabricating wood-based products
    • Learn how to identify core Autodesk and add-on products that work together for speed and efficiency
    • Learn how to apply efficient practices for wood-based development
    • Learn about where and how to use libraries from the Internet, both Autodesk and non-Autodesk specific