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Winning in Revit with Dynamo Player

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    The best part about Dynamo Player is that you can create custom on-the-go tools to address unique project goals. Design, production, and even Building Information Modeling (BIM) cleanup tasks can be accomplished with efficiency, elegance, and grace. This hands-on workshop will explore strategies and tactics for creating bespoke Dynamo scripts for Dynamo Player Extension for Revit software. From real-world scenarios to the latest software features, this session is for you if you are ready to be "Winning in Revit with Dynamo Player!"

    Key Learnings

    • Get inspired about the possibilities of custom workflows available with Revit, Dynamo, and Dynamo Player Extension for Revit
    • Learn how to apply scripts used throughout this session for real-world scenarios
    • Learn how to share Dynamo scripts with colleagues who don't have much scripting experience
    • Learn how to make the most of the current Dynamo Player extension for Revit features