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Wielding the Power of One AutoCAD Toolsets: Utilize Toolsets Content and Standards
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In this class, we will walk you through the procedures using specialized toolsets to design from start to finish. We will learn how to use standard content in AutoCAD Architecture software and AutoCAD MEP software. Then we’ll learn how to use Bill of Materials from AutoCAD Mechanical software, along with wiring diagrams and reporting from AutoCAD Electrical software, to simplify and accelerate your design process. We will show you how to transition between different toolsets to achieve optimal design.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to insert standard content like doors and windows using AutoCAD Architecture
  • Learn how to generate bills of materials using AutoCAD Mechanical
  • Learn how to create wire diagrams and generate reports using AutoCAD Electrical
  • Learn how to lay the plumbing work within your design using AutoCAD MEP



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