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Roundtable    ES20337-R
Why Do We Still Resist Using Revit Structure for Reinforcement Detailing?
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Although most projects are delivered with Revit software in most parts of the world, and many engineers use Revit Structure software in their daily work to model, analyze, and document various structures, the acceptance of using Revit software for rebar detailing is still somehow limited. In this roundtable, participants may discuss the reason(s). Is it the necessity to change the entire workflow in the office, or in case reinforced concrete (RC) detailing is offshored? Are there still features missing from the software? Is it slower (that is, more expensive) to work in 3D? Come and discuss! This session features Revit Structure.

Key Learnings

  • Consider using Revit Structure for rebar detailing
  • Learn about the benefits of a BIM-concentric workflow
  • Learn about different workflows used for RC detailing around the world
  • Tell possible missing features to software developers


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