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Whose CAD Is It Anyway? An Interactive Workshop on the AutoCAD Mobile

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    This workshop will familiarize attendees with the AutoCAD mobile app's functionalities. They will learn how to complete key daily workflows on their mobile devices, enriching their toolsets and versatility as professionals. We'll present and act out 4 or 5 real-life scenarios involving several typical personas (=roles) in the AutoCAD community (architect, designer, surveyors, and so on). The scenarios will involve a problem we need to solve or a goal we need to achieve. We'll showcase, along with volunteers from the crowd, how to solve these challenges quickly and on the go using the AutoCAD mobile app.

    Key Learnings

    • Get to know the AutoCAD mobile app’s functionalities
    • Learn how to complete key day-to-day workflows on your mobile devices
    • Enrich your toolset and versatility as a professional (in your respective roles)
    • Raise issues and offer feedback on the product