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Where Is That File? Arcadis Case Study in Georeferencing and Data Linking.

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    Location—where work happens—is critical for designing, constructing, and managing assets in the built world. This includes locating assets on the ground, defining logical locations for specific work, and locating the definitive digital record expressing the asset. Arcadis, Esri, and Autodesk have been collaborating on techniques to simplify and standardize these concepts, with practical results. This study will help building information modeling (BIM) professionals use shared coordinates between Civil 3D files and Revit software, use Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) 4x3 properties to define IFC locations, and share these locations with geographic information system (GIS) professionals and stakeholders. We'll examine a practical example from a light rail BlueSky project that includes Civil 3D, Revit, and IFC files for ground, alignment, rail, and architectural elements.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about distinguishing between logical and geographical location.
    • Learn best practices for location DWG™, Revit, and IFC files.
    • Discover the importance of GIS location for upstream and downstream processes.
    • Learn how to increase collaboration and data sharing.