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What Is an AutoCAD® ACA/MEP AutoLISP® Guy Supposed to Do?
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Let us face it. Every year, less and less of the data in AutoCAD MEP is exposed to AutoLISP. Even if some data may have been available in the last release of AutoCAD MEP, there is no guarantee that it will be exposed in the next version, especially when the DWG™ format changes. You may not feel comfortable replacing all your AutoLISP code with .NET code until there is a time where your company can afford a full rewrite of your code. So how do you bridge the gap between the data stored in AutoCAD MEP and the code you have written in AutoLISP? This class will take show you how you can write just enough .NET code to be dangerous, er, to be effective in exposing data which your AutoLISP applications need. We will use three different examples, based on the speaker's own need to access the data for AutoLISP applications. Programming skills are required for this class, although .NET experience is not a prerequisite.

Key Learnings

  • Use simple error-handling techniques
  • Hunt through the .NET object model
  • Create functions to read or write MEP data
  • Use .NET to write a new AutoLISP function



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