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Visual Planning: BIM for Safety

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    Not everyone is aware of all of the associated risks and hazards that are involved with complicated construction operations—even the professionals who perform those tasks every day. Special training is required before commencing this type of challenging and potentially dangerous work. This is where BIM aids in communication and training in a safe environment. BIM safety models can present both correct and incorrect practices side-by-side for comparison. This class focuses on how models can be developed and used to explain safety hazards and procedures in a safe virtual environment. It shows how BIM tools such as Revit®-based software, Navisworks® Manage, 3ds Max®, and other modeling tools can greatly enhance communication and even help identify common, complex, and unique safety issues. These models can then be taken out into the field using Autodesk tools, such as the Inventor Publisher mobile app, and referenced on tablets, iPads®, and other mobile devices. Continue the discussion by signing up for CR2792-R Visual Planning: BIM for Safety-The Roundtable Session.

    Key Learnings

    • Describe different ways to create a model to enhance safety communication
    • Explain the effectiveness of traditional safety communication methods versus modeling
    • Share case studies where a safety model either improved safety communication or could have
    • Identify the tools and techniques for using safety models on mobile devices