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The Very Latest in Cool Technology from Autodesk Labs

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    At Autodesk Labs, we preview exciting future technologies for architecture, engineering, and construction; manufacturing; media and entertainment; and other industries. The technology we work with is too new to be a product, but it can be used to gather valuable customer feedback for evolving projects into possible future products. In this class, we will show some of the latest and greatest technologies on Autodesk Labs, explain how Autodesk provides these free technology previews to customers, and show you how you can get the very latest in technology and shape the future of our products and services. This is your opportunity to see where Autodesk might be going with new technologies.

    Key Learnings

    • Get the free technology preview software from Autodesk Labs and help shape its future
    • Describe several new technologies and how Autodesk is developing solutions to take advantage of them
    • Explain how Autodesk Labs works
    • See and understand new technology previews and use them in your current workflow