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Using the Transmedia Toolset to Create Visualization Campaigns with Impact

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    In today's competitive visualization marketplace, it can be difficult to set your work apart. Is having a unique look enough to succeed? Perhaps the answer can be found in the marriage between good creative and evolving technology. Re-purposing visualization assets to the latest tools isn't a no-brainer; it requires creativity and finesse to be successful. Using recent commercial examples, Transparent House's director of production will show the real role that 3D visualization plays in a comprehensive and successful R/E or product marketing campaign, and how a thoughtful technology rollout can help push your studio to the next level and make you look like a rock star to your clients. From recent and relevant case studies-and real results data-you will learn how an effective visualization campaign is conceived during the creative process, and then how it evolves as it deploys successfully across the media spectrum-from concept, to renderings, to motion assets, to interactive.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to creatively assess a project early on to discover nuances that will drive a successful visualization campaign
    • Understand how you can set yourself apart by “checking all the client boxes” while still delivering outside the box
    • Learn how to improvise and adapt by using rapidly evolving tools and technologies, with a minimum of disruption to your workflow
    • Learn how to identify what is important to the client and tailor a "perfect" campaign to fit that need