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Using Revit to Design for Social Distancing: New Tools and How to Use Them

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    Organizations around the world have been tasked with reshaping facilities and operations to enable social distancing since the outbreak of COVID-19. To support the design team, building owners, and facilities managers, we are committed to developing new tools in Revit software and showing how they can be used in practice with other simulation tools. This session will combine demonstrations of the latest tools in Revit with good practices learned from collaboration with industrial partners to ensure that buildings will have the capacity to support social distancing and maximize life safety. Subjects that we’ll cover include design principles (core parameters, route planning, design pitfalls) and sample use cases (office, retail, school). We’ll lay out the core principles of design and demonstrate their application with Revit (and people-movement simulation software) in the context of real-world design challenges.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to use the latest "path of travel" tools in Revit to safely layout out route designs.
    • Learn how to design spatial layouts that take into account social distancing of different values in different buildings.
    • Discover the fundamental principles of the spatial relationships of passageways and doors to ensure safe distancing.
    • Learn how to transfer your Revit model into a people-movement simulation package to simulate pedestrian flow.