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Using Forge and Connected Data in Construction Workflows

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    "The design and construction process today generates valuable information. But the sheer number of sources, systems, tools and players complicates workflows and creates inefficiencies by generating duplicate data in silo-ed workflows. JE Dunn has been able to integrate various disparate platforms and develop a 'single source of truth', for their entire ecosystem. This single source of truth, called Dunn Dashboard, leverages Autodesk Forge. Forge has enabled JE Dunn to aggregate data in one place, connect and streamline business processes and workflows, improve the quality of efficiency by breaking down silos of data - all with power of connected data. <br /><br />In this class, you will learn in details about various Construction workflows at JE Dunn and how the Autodesk technology stack, including Forge, is transforming the company culture byproviding access todata as a ubiquitous asset for project stakeholders, business drivers and key decision makers. (Joint AU/Forge DevCon class)."

    Key Learnings

    • Identify the challenges in typical construction workflows and how connected data using Forge can help overcome these challenges
    • Gain in-depth understanding of the JE Dunn’s vision and how the firm is using innovative solutions and thinking to solve the problems that affect the entire construction Industry
    • Gain overall understanding of Forge as a cloud platform, its integration capabilities, and how to use it to solve your own challenges
    • Understand how the partnership between JE Dunn and the Autodesk Customer Success/Consulting Team has been critical to the continued success in working toward JE Dunn’s vision as a unified team—and turning the vision into reality