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Using Forge to Automate Model Simplification for BIM Coordination

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    One of the challenges in 3D factory equipment layouts is the high Level of Detail (LOD) of vendor supplied equipment models used in factory layouts and 3D model coordination resulting in large file size degrading performance of the federated model. Reducing the LOD to a manageable size takes up to 70 hours of manual editing for each project. Goodyear manages 30-40 projects each year. To solve this problem, Goodyear worked with Autodesk to develop and deploy a Forge Application to automate the process of light weighting vendor models to be used within the layout of equipment in a 3D environment. Through automation, we’ve achieved 97% reduction in time to prepare the equipment models. The automation has achieved up to 74% file size reduction with both a High and Low LOD representation. In this session we will describe this project from inception to deployment, the challenges overcame, demonstrate the application and the efficiency we’ve achieved.

    Key Learnings

    • Solve efficiency challenges with Autodesk Forge automation
    • Learn how to translate multiple file types for conditioning
    • Learn how to apply standards requirements to vendor models
    • Reduce Non Value-Add Activities using Forge automation