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Using Dynamo for MEP Analytics

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    Dynamo is great for inputting information, linking parameters together, and performing calculations. However, Dynamo can also be a great tool for tracking the information and components in intelligent models. For example, with large projects, there can be hundreds of spaces with thousands of components. Revit software can track this information in schedules, but only to a certain extent. With Dynamo, you can track the information and ensure that it is correct. You can also write the data to Microsoft Excel or use custom packages to visualize the data in various ways. You can use Dynamo to extract information from architectural models when beginning a design. Then, you can track information in the MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) model as the design progresses. You can simply visualize this data, or you can compare it to other information for quality assurance. With Dynamo, all the information in a model is available to you.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to check for information in Revit models
    • Learn how to compare data and write it to Excel
    • Learn how to extract information from a model and visualize the data
    • Learn how to create graphs and charts to understand the data