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Unlocking the Power of Vault Copy Design
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Many companies today try to use previous designs of a project or product to try and reduce the time to market or project completion. Vault Professional software has a great tool that many users do not know how to use properly, or know is even a function of the software. This class will show you how to use Copy Design directly in Vault Professional. With this tool, we can select to reuse existing parts and assemblies, create a copy with a new name or number, copy to a new folder, and replace or exclude parts and assemblies. We will also touch on Rule Sets, which can be customized very easily. You will see how you can easily take an existing product or project and copy the entire model, along with the associated drawing.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to navigate the Copy Design tool
  • Learn how to replace, reuse, or copy parts and assemblies
  • Learn how to change the number scheme for copied files
  • Learn how to set up Rule Sets in the Copy Design tool



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