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The Undertaking of a Complex Project

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    In this class I will discuss how we tackled a large complex structure using BIM. 10 Ionia was constructed on a 11,000 square foot triangular parking lot with a slight 7 foot slope in Grand Rapids, MI. This spatial problem was solved using precise layouts, precast concrete, and collaborative digital construction. The team used precast walls by Kerkstra Precast, a firm from Grandville, MI. Constructing a 13-story, 147-room hotel with precast elements with no true corners was very complex. It would have been a tall order without Autodesk products like Revit and BIM360. Plumbing and power had to be ran through from the core as new precast pieces were placed. BIM360 Glue was a crucial part of this undertaking, clash detection was a must with this project. The success of combining precast and software technologies is truly remarkable. At the end of this class I will show you drone footage of the complex structure.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how we successfully used Autodesk BIM 360 to coordinate and collaborate with all disciplines.
    • Learn how we used BIM 360 Glue to resolve clashes between trades.
    • Learn how we used EDGE^R to produce an accurate model, erection drawings, and shop tickets.
    • Learn how we used the model to fabricate steel forms, and validate/repair field conditions.