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Understand Creating an Online, Interactive, 3D Piping Layout Application in Forge

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    Learn how Johnson Controls has used Forge to let its customers interactively design gaseous fire-suppressant-system configurations on a webpage. The application enables dynamic section-by-section placement of pipework, and it automatically inserts appropriate fittings, warns the user of configuration mistakes, and automatically verifies the system design effectiveness. In this class, Johnson Controls team members will demonstrate their Forge-based application, design an agency-approved fire-suppression system, discuss why they used this current approach in development, and explain the benefits that their new Forge-based solution has given them.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover why having Forge as a graphic-design tool is beneficial in current trends of web application development
    • Discover how gas-based fire-suppression systems work, and learn about the major factors that influence design and configuration
    • Learn about how important the role of managing data is at input, in processing, and for post processing
    • Learn how to design an agency-approved fire-suppression system configuration using Johnson Controls web application: SDC