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US Olympic Museum's Diamond Donor Program Using the Forge Platform
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See how the Forge platform was used to create a unique and interactive experience for US Olympic Museum’s Diamond Donor Program. The 60,000-square-foot museum is located at the base of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado Springs, home of the United States Olympic Training Center. Opening in the fall of 2019, the museum will act as an anchor to the new City for Champions District. The museum’s facade has 10,000 unique, satin-anodized, aluminum panels, and appears to be stretched taut like an elastic fabric over the building’s twisting frame. Each diamond-shaped folded panel is unique, which offered the USOM the ability to let donors adopt and sponsor one of these unique panels and then virtually search for their assigned panels and see their digital inscriptions. See how MasterGraphics.aec and USOM came together to make the dream of the Diamond Donor Program a reality!

Key Learnings

  • Learn how the project was conceived, brainstormed, and developed into a viable Forge project
  • See how the building’s 10,000 unique facade panels were developed in Solidworks and came together seamlessly
  • Learn how you can be part of the Diamond Donor Program for the USOM
  • Understand how to overcome the many challenges of creating an interactive online user portal


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