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Tunnel and Infrastructure Modeling with Dynamo and Revit

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    Technology is growing rapidly and Revit software is no exception. It started with limitations of a few kilometers, and with time went over to tenths of kilometers as a model-size limitation in Revit. Despite of this, rumor still has it that Revit can't be used for large spanning projects. Engineers wouldn't be engineers if they took "no" for an answer, and we didn't. Instead, we chose the most extreme project-the world's deepest and longest subsea road tunnel "Rogfast"-and made it happen. Take Revit and marry it with Dynamo software and you have the ultimate solution for any challenge. Join the session and see it for yourself. We will share workflows developed and lessons learned.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how the world's deepest and longest subsea road tunnel was made possible, busting the size-limitation myth in Revit
    • Learn how to handle large-scale complex geometries, clothoids, road alignments—you name it
    • Discover best practices with Dynamo in infrastructure projects
    • Learn how to use the benefits of database integration