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The Top 10 AutoCAD Apps for Under $100 from Autodesk Exchange

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    In this class you will get a look at the 10 most popular apps for under $100 available in the new Autodesk Exchange right now, including AutoCAD software plug-ins, web services, and content that you can immediately download and use to be more productive and solve pressing problems. The most popular apps available from Autodesk Exchange are AutoCAD software productivity enhancers that can help you and your team get the job done faster, eliminate boring repetitive tasks, wow the boss—all while getting you home earlier on a Friday afternoon.

    Key Learnings

    • Find new AutoCAD software productivity-enhancing plug-ins, services, and content on the AutoCAD Exchange
    • Learn how to save several hours per week by using productivity-enhancing AutoCAD software plug-ins you can find right now in Exchange
    • Discover the opportunity to sell your own plug-ins in the AutoCAD Exchange
    • Immediately download and install 10 great productivity-enhancing plug-ins