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Tool Palettes: The Power of Standards

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    Learn how to create, standardize, and distribute tool palettes within a company network or organization. This class is for all levels of CAD users, whether as a refresher or for those just starting out using tool palettes. We will learn about the basics of creating tools, setting up custom buttons and commands, adding items to the palettes, organizing and naming the tools, editing tools (blocks) directly from the palettes, as well as saving and distributing palettes from a network location. We will see how these tools can streamline detailing across multiple users and help centralize CAD standards. The class will utilize several examples to walk through the process from start to finish, while discussing best practices and tool limitations.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about creating and adding blocks, commands, buttons, and other tools to the palettes
    • Learn methods for organizing the tools on the palettes
    • Learn how to edit blocks (details) using the tool palettes
    • Learn how to save and distribute palettes from a network location