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Tips and Tricks to Enhance Productivity in Revit
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This session will be a compilation of various Revit software tips and tricks that will help increase speed, productivity, and overall satisfaction in Revit software. Included in the tips and tricks will be everything from quick keystrokes, shortcuts, hidden functionality, best practices, random ideas, and more. While this session will be formatted as a lecture, we will encourage and welcome audience participation. Often the best takeaway from a conference is that single, unexpected, mind-blowing tip that may or may not have even been part of the intended curriculum in a given session. This session aims to gather a bunch of such tips into one fun lecture.

Key Learnings

  • Discover at least one mind-blowing Revit tip
  • Learn how to use at least one life-changing Revit trick
  • Learn how to enhance Revit productivity
  • Learn how to build on everyday Revit expertise



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