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Time is money: How can the AutoCAD mobile app help you be more efficient?

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    With the AutoCAD mobile app professionals can view, measure and edit DWG files on the go from tablets and smartphones - anytime, anywhere. In this session, you will get the opportunity to learn about the AutoCAD mobile app’s capabilities and discuss the various ways it can contribute to your business efficiency and save precious time while away from the workstation. The discussion will analyze your day-to-day workflows and related pain points to examine how the AutoCAD mobile app can overcome those hurdles. You will discover how using the app in daily workflows can increase productivity. Moreover, this is a great opportunity to influence the future of the AutoCAD mobile app by sharing insights about workflows and needs.

    Key Learnings

    • Assess how AutoCAD mobile app can increase the efficiency of your company out-of-office workflows
    • Learn about the benefits of using AutoCAD mobile app while meeting with customers
    • Learn about the app’s benefit for on-site measuring and drafting
    • Learn about surface barriers for adopting the AutoCAD mobile app today and discuss how to face them