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Lecture    SE6357
Tilt Panel Workflows in Revit: From Design to Detailing
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This class will demonstrate a workflow that will help structural engineers use Revit software to move from design-level documentation of tilt panels to shop-drawing-level documentation. We will discuss how and when to ratchet up the level of detail in your model to achieve efficient design documentation by splitting walls and adding panel joints, grout beds, embeds, reveals, pockets, and reinforcement. We will also demonstrate how to quickly move the design tilt panels to panel shop drawings using Revit software assemblies. We will show actual projects where this workflow has been employed and we will share component models used in the presentation.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to determine what level of model detail is appropriate for the stage and expected use of your models
  • Learn how to use the basic Revit software reinforcement tools
  • Discover effective practices of tilt panel design documentation
  • Learn how to use Revit software assemblies to create panel shop drawings, including takeoffs


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