Lecture    CM2026
They Tell Me That I'm a BIM Coordinator: How Did That Happen and What Does It Mean?
Brett Gatti
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The concept of BIM Coordinator is fairly new and most of those with the responsibilities of Building Information Modeling (BIM) coordination came upon their duties, responsibilities, and title in a roundabout fashion. This class will show the paths that many BIM coordinators, BIM managers, and BIM project team members who are responsible for BIM coordination took to get where they are. The class will also cover common duties, responsibilities, and best practices for the specific items for which most BIM coordinators are responsible.

Key Learnings

  • Develop best practices for multidiscipline and multiple-firm coordination
  • Determine the most effective methods for delivering data to project partners who are using different software packages
  • Describe the common duties and responsibilities of a BIM coordinator
  • Recognize and address the importance of consistent coordination methods throughout the lifecycle of a BIM project


 Brett Gatti
Brett Gatti
With over two decades using and supporting a wide range of CAD software packages and with duties/responsibilities that have included training, managing and organizing teams, Brett brings a real-life understanding of what works and what does not work with today’s CAD and BIM technologies. Actively bringing together diverse teams to work as cohesive teams to both improve discipline coordination and also to build in the long term value associated with intelligent building models is a challenge that is constantly evolving. Brett stays on the leading edge of this technology, by contributing to/participating in many online CAD user support groups and industry focus groups. Brett is a two time speaker at Autodesk University, has presented at the Revit Technology Conference 2012 and is an AutoCAD 2012 Certified Professional and a Revit Architecture 2012 Certified Professional.

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