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A Template for Success: Maximize Your Autodesk® Revit® Structure Template

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    A well-planned and efficiently organized Autodesk Revit Structure software template is an essential starting point to a successful Revit project. A great template can not only save time and money throughout the design process, but also illustrate company standards, improve consistency and quality of the model and documentation, and assist with collaboration across disciplines. Time savings equal cost savings and developing your Revit template to its full potential will help reap these savings. In this class, we will observe the power of view templates, customized schedules, graphical company standards, and browser organization with a focus on the structural discipline. Finally, we will explore what is new with Revit 2013 and how the change to a single product platform will be reflected in our template development.

    Key Learnings

    • Create structurally-specific schedules that enhance workflow
    • Create a new or update an existing template for Revit 2013
    • Increase productivity by customizing your Revit template
    • Implement company standards within the Revit template