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Talking with Robots About Architecture

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    This class will be a deep dive into the future of building: automation, communication, and whether "robots" will change everything. Come for an informed, useful, and realistic overview of how architects, engineers, and builders use automation today, and how they may use it tomorrow. Learn better ways to think about automation, how to apply it within your work, and how you both can use and will be likely disrupted by it in the near future. See many real-world examples of automation in use today-both on the design side via Building Information Modeling (BIM) and on the physical side via robotics. Gain a better understanding of how to empower yourself through automation, and how to avoid wasting lots of time on dead ends-or worse, getting replaced altogether.

    Key Learnings

    • Gain a better understanding of how to be empowered by automation
    • Gain a framework in which to judge how to best automate something
    • Gain a realistic view of what's possible today and in the near future via robots and automation
    • Discover up-to-date efforts using robots and automation in construction