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Taking Ownership of Construction for Capital Project Owners

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    For far too long, capital project owners handed off construction work to contractors and simply got out of the way. They left it to contractors to complete the jobs and hand over the buildings. "Out of sight, out of mind," has been the mantra for many capital project owners. This is no longer acceptable. Capital project owners are taking back construction. And they're using high-tech software, mobile devices, and cloud collaboration to do it. By embedding more in the construction phase, capital project owners are no longer at the whim of their contractors. They're taking ownership! This means full visibility into projects, continuous communication with project teams, rich insights informing decisions, and data standards from design through operations. By taking ownership, operations begin quickly and smoothly, increasing speed to market and revenue. Owners are taking ownership. Today.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover how incorporating data from construction and operations can help maximize ROI in capital programs
    • Discover what it means to take ownership of your capital project data, from design through operations
    • Discover how owners of capital programs are taking more active roles in their construction projects
    • Discover how involvement in construction sets up operations and maintenance teams for success immediately upon handover