Taking the Autodesk® Revit® API to the Next Level as a Beginner
Lecture    CP1749
Don Rudder
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Learn how to simplify your life and get quicker results when you use the Autodesk Revit API to automate or extend the functionality of Revit software. There is an obvious cost savings acssociated with automation, but there's an even larger ROI when even automation can be automated.

Key Learnings

  • Use inline documentation, making your reusable code easier to use while coding
  • Manage and maintain reusable code projects
  • Explain the power of reusable snippets and ways to manage them
  • Describe the five key Revit API code snippets that will save you money


 Don Rudder
Don Rudder
Don Rudder is the Director of Software Development for Case Design, Inc. based out of New York. He has extensive experience in .NET and web development with an AEC background spanning over 15 years. His design experience is primarily in the MEP disciplines where he has served as designer, CAD manager, and customization consultant. Don maintains a blog focusing on all things Revit and especially the API at www.RevitNet.blogspot.com.

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