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Supersize Me: Worksets with Links, Object Protection, Families Versus Groups Versus Links

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    <p>This Supersize Me class focuses on delivering large or mammoth projects with Autodesk&reg; Revit&reg; software. We will focus on three topics that can make or break a large Revit project. 
First, we will show you how worksets and links together unlock the gates of a large Revit project, and how these two areas represent one of the fundamental pieces of having a successful large Revit project. Next, on any Revit project, when something gets deleted by accident, it can be painful. On a large project it can cause days or weeks worth of rework. We will show you how to protect Revit objects from being moved, deleted, or modified. Finally, we will take a hard look at families versus groups versus links. Unfortunately they have similar characteristics and often get used in place of each other. We will talk about each tool and discuss why and how they work, when to use them, and when not to use them. You will gain an understanding of why each tool can be both destructive or constructive to any Revit project.</p>

    Key Learnings

    • Appropriately use families versus groups versus links on a large Revit project
    • Develop best practices for a mammoth Revit project, but also apply these practices to projects of all sizes
    • Describe worksets and links and how together they unlock performance on a mammoth project
    • Protect Revit objects on massive projects