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The Structural Design Workflow Based on Revit as a Core Platform with Dynamo

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    This class will present the new structural design workflow based on Revit software as a core platform. It improves your work dramatically. This workflow makes it easy to manage all the data together, such as data sharing with other industries, drawing, structural analysis, and so on. You can connect the acquire information from Revit to others (for example, other industries and software) through Dynamo software. We'll focus on the design workflow across the departments-Revit Structure software and Revit MEP software. We'll look at some utilizations of Dynamo to connect Revit with other Autodesk products, like Robot Structural Analysis Professional software. We'll show how to interconvert Revit data to and from existing structural analytical tools such as Microsoft Excel and in-house development programs. And we'll cover how to draw a structural drawing and how to manage it with Revit and Dynamo. This session will explore the above techniques as they have been used for actual building projects.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover effective structural design workflow on Revit as a core platform
    • Learn how to connect the acquire information from Revit to others (for example, other industries, software)
    • Learn how to use Dynamo as converter from Revit to and from Robot Structural Analysis Professional
    • Learn how to interconvert Revit to and from Microsoft Excel tools and in-house development program