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Structural Design Inside a Family

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    The collaboration features of Revit Structure software with Structural Analysis software were widely presented and experienced over the last years. However, despite all this featured software, many structural engineers still stay with their Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and their common pencil-and-paper routine. Not all software supports all codes, and very often it is faster to use those light spreadsheets than it is to work with heavy analysis software. This workshop will demonstrate how you can implement those spreadsheets into the parameter fields of a Revit software family, making use of the formula capabilities of the Revit software parameter and of nested families in order to make Revit software tasty for engineers. We will present examples that will include a reinforced-concrete footing design, a concrete retaining wall, timber joists designs, and a timber joist cantilever design. The workshop will also cover the documentation features and possibilities.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the capabilities of the Revit families for structural engineers
    • Discover how Revit software families can simplify the workflow and kill repetition
    • Learn how to implement the country code into Revit software and design around clashes visually
    • Discover what Excel can do and Revit software can do